Make money at home: 10 simple tips

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking for ways to make money? Many women are seeking work opportunities that align with their lifestyle and family responsibilities. In this article, we will explore some simple tips on how to make money as a stay-at-home mom. If you are looking for practical ways to generate income while taking care of your home and family, keep reading to discover some effective strategies.

1. Start a blog about home organization tips

If you are an organized homemaker and have skills in keeping your home in order, consider sharing your tips and tricks through a blog. Writing about home organization can attract an audience interested in learning new ways to keep their homes tidy. Over time, you can monetize your blog through ads, partnerships, and selling related products.

2. Offer house cleaning services

If you excel at cleaning and enjoy creating spotless environments, offering house cleaning services can be an excellent way to earn extra money. Many people are willing to pay for professional help in keeping their homes clean and organized. You can offer your services in your local community or utilize specialized online platforms for cleaning services.

3. Become a virtual assistant

With the advancement of technology, many administrative tasks can be performed remotely. If you have skills in organization, email management, appointment scheduling, and other related activities, consider becoming a virtual assistant. You can offer your services to companies and entrepreneurs in need of administrative support, working from home on a schedule that suits your needs.

4. Create a homemade food business

If you are a talented homemaker in the kitchen, you may consider starting a homemade food business. Cakes, sweets, savory snacks, and other homemade products have a constant demand in the market. Start by offering your products to friends and family and gradually expand to customers in your area. Make sure to comply with all local regulations related to food production.

5. Sell handmade products online

If you have crafting skills such as sewing, knitting, painting, or any other form of handmade creation, consider selling your products online. E-commerce platforms like Etsy provide an excellent opportunity to reach a global audience and sell your unique items. Focus on promoting and ensuring the quality of your products to attract potential buyers.

6. Be a social media influencer

If you are interested in knowing how to make money as a stay-at-home mom, consider becoming a social media influencer. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube allow you to share tips, tutorials, and inspiration for other homemakers. With a growing number of followers, you can monetize your content through partnerships and sponsorships.

7. Offer translation services

If you are fluent in more than one language, leverage this skill to offer translation services. Many companies, websites, and freelancers need translators to reach a broader audience. You can find freelance translation opportunities on specialized online platforms or establish partnerships with translation agencies.

8. Provide private lessons

If you have advanced knowledge in a specific area, consider offering private lessons. This can be especially useful if you have skills in languages, mathematics, music, arts, or any other discipline in which you feel confident. Advertise your services in your local community or utilize online tutoring platforms.

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9. Resell products online

Product reselling is a popular way to make money online. You can find discounted or second-hand items and resell them for a profit on platforms like Mercado Livre or OLX. Research popular products and stay updated on trends to identify business opportunities.

10. Develop digital marketing skills

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field that offers various remote work opportunities. Invest in learning skills such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media management, and online advertising. These skills can be applied to personal projects or offered as services to other businesses.


Now that you understand how to make money as a stay-at-home mom, there are several opportunities available for women who want to balance their domestic responsibilities with a source of income. Explore the tips mentioned in this article and find one or more options that align with your profile and interests. Remember to adapt the strategies according to your reality and make the most of the skills and talents you already possess.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to earn 100 reais per day?

There are several options to earn 100 reais per day. Here are some suggestions:

  • Offer freelance services in areas such as writing, graphic design, translation, programming, among others.
  • Provide pet care services like dog walking or home visits.
  • Perform gardening or landscaping jobs for neighbors and acquaintances.
  • Sell homemade products online or at local fairs.
  • Offer consulting or coaching services in your area of expertise.
  • Rent out a spare room in your home through sharing accommodation platforms.

What can I do to earn 300 reais per day?

To earn 300 reais per day, you need to pursue opportunities that offer higher financial returns. Some options include:

  • Start a food delivery or healthy meal business.
  • Offer professional photography services for events and photo shoots.
  • Open an online store and sell niche products in high demand.
  • Provide consulting services in areas like digital marketing, personal finance, or personal development.
  • Offer home maintenance services such as electrical repairs, plumbing, or painting.

What is the best business to start with little money?

If you have limited funds to invest, it is important to look for business options that don’t require high initial costs. Here are some suggestions:

  • Start an online selling business, such as dropshipping, reselling third-party products, or homemade product production.
  • Offer freelance services in areas like writing, design, programming, or marketing.
  • Provide pet care services, such as dog walking or home visits.
  • Set up a residential or commercial cleaning service business.
  • Offer private lessons in an area where you have specialized knowledge, such as music, languages, or math.

What can I start to make money?

There are many options to start a business and make money. The choice depends on your interests, skills, and available resources. Here are some ideas:

  • An online store to sell niche or handmade products.
  • A café or snack bar with a unique twist.
  • A beauty salon or barbershop.
  • A gym or fitness studio.
  • A digital marketing agency.
  • A business consulting firm.
  • An event planning or party organization company.
  • A cleaning and home organization service.
  • A training center or vocational courses.

Remember to conduct market research, develop a solid business plan, and consider your passions and skills when choosing the right business for you.

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